What IS WI-FI and how to work

By | June 16, 2021

Whenever it comes to high speed internet or high speed data transfer over the wireless connection, the name of wifi comes first. We have been using WiFi for the last few years. Do you have an idea how much data you would have spent till date using wifi. With wifi, we receive and send data, and also control home electronic gadgets installed in homes, even if it is an LED bulb. So do you know what is WI-FI and how it’s work.

Nowadays you will get Wi-Fi in every electronic device in your computer, laptop, mobile, home electronic gadgets and many other types of devices. Here in all these devices, WiFi establishes a two-way connection. Have you ever wondered what is WiFi and what is the science behind how it works.







WIFI is the name for a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. (WLAN) ie Wireless Local Area Network. With the help of Wi-Fi, you can easily connect devices like mobiles, laptops, computers and printers to the Internet and network without any wires and Wi-Fi was invented by John O’Sullivan and John Deane. Did it in 1991.

BbYou all must know about the electromagnetic wave, where there are different types of waves, whether it is radio waves, micro waves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-ray, gamma res, etc. But we use here in Wi-Fi, with the help of these radio waves and micro waves, we send the signal out. Waves are understandable to some extent and we can’t even see them, but how will the signal go, what are we sending.
Whatever devices we use, often understands binary language, so with the help of radio and micro waves, we send our data which is processed in computer or any other devices, then it is in binary format. For example, when we throw a stone in a pond, the waves that come out of its force spread far and wide till the shore. I wish we could see the waves emanating from the WiFi devices, but in the same way the signal keeps coming out of our WiFi devices and reaches its specific user.

1.WiFi (802.11a)




5.(802.11a/c) 6.(802.11a/d)


Basically we are using 2 bands in Wi-Fi. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz! We get to see a lot of speed in us, but if we talk about the range of 5 GHz, then it works from 2.4 GHz! But if we talk about 2.4 GHz, then in this you get WiFi range much better than 5 GHz but, in terms of speed, 2.4 GHz lags far behind 5 GHz! So friends, now you must have got complete information related to WiFi, if you want to know a little more about WiFi, then what is WiFi? you can read this post of

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