What is software? How it’s work?

By | August 3, 2021

You cannot see the software with your own eyes.  Nor can it be touched by hand.  Because it has no physical existence.  It is a virtual object that can only be understood.

 What is software?

 If your computer does not have software, then your computer will be like a dead animal.  Which will remain only a box made of iron and other metals.

 Imagine, if your computer did not have a browser program, then you could not read this article.  From this point you can get an idea of ​​the importance of the software.

 Apart from this, there are different types of software like MS Office, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Picasa etc., which enable you to do different tasks on the computer.

 Software breathes life into your computer.  enables him to work.  And only with the help of software, you can get your desired work done from the computer.

 What is Hardware?

 how to install software in computer

 Different Types of Software – Types of Software in Hindi

 We use computer for various purposes.  And all these types of work cannot be completed with the help of only one software.

 Therefore, different software are made according to the need of the work.  To facilitate the study, two main classes of software have been created.

 System Software

 Application Software

 1. System Software

 System Software is the software that manages and controls Hardware and allows action between Hardware and Software.  There are many types of System Software.

 1.1 Operating System

 Operating System is a computer program that operates other computer programs.  The operating system acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer.  It explains our instructions to the computer.

 Some popular names of operating systems that you must have heard about.

 Windows OS

 Mac OS




 Know more about Operating System…

 1.2 Utility Programs

 Utilities are also known as service programs.  It performs the task of managing and protecting computer resources.  But, they do not have direct contact with the hardware.  For example, Disk Defragmenter, Anti Virus program etc. are utility programs.

 To learn more about utility programs, you can visit our What is Utility Software?  Don’t forget to read this article.

 What are utility programs?

 1.3 Device Drivers

 A driver is a special program that connects input and output devices to a computer so that it can communicate with the computer.  Like Audio Drivers, Graphic Drivers, Motherboard Drivers etc.

 2. Application Software

 Application software can be called end user software, because it is directly related to the user.  It is also called ‘Apps’.  Application software gives the freedom to the user to do a particular task.  There are many types of them.

 2.1 Basic Application

 Basic Applications are also called General Purpose Software.  This is general use software.  We use them for everyday tasks.

 Any computer user must have access to Basic Application to work on the computer.  Below are the names of some General Purpose Software.

 Word Processing Programs

 Multimedia Programs

 DTP Programs

 Spreadsheet Programs

 Presentation Programs

 Graphics Application

 Web Design Application

 2.2 Specialized Application

 Specialized Application is also called Special Purpose Software.  These software are made for a specific purpose.  They are also used to perform a specific task.  Below are the names of programs designed for some specific purposes.

 Accounting Software

 Billing Software

 Report Card Generator

 Reservation System

 Payroll Management System

 How to make software – How to Create a Computer Program in Hindi?

 Making computer software is a bit difficult task.  Because to do this work, you must have good knowledge of programming languages ​​and a lot of patience.  Only then can you become a ‘professional software developer’.

 Dozens of programming languages ​​have been developed to create software.  By which you can make software for different needs.

 You cannot become an expert in all languages.  are not impossible.  you can learn.  But for starters, you can do it by learning Java, C, C++ basic languages.  And you can try your hand in Computer Coding.

 Name and function of some software used in a normal desktop

 All the users use the computer for different purposes.  Their software also changes based on this usage.

 But, there are some software that are installed in almost every computer.  No one can work without them.  So, go through this table carefully and find out which software is missing in your computer?

 software name

 software work

 software type

 AVG, McAfee, Norton

 computer security

 antivirus program

 VLC, Windows Music Player

 hear voice

 sound programs

 Computer Drivers

 hardware communication


 Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird



 Chrome, Firefox, Edge

 internet browsing

 web browser

 Paint, Photoshop

 handling graphics

 graphic software

 Word, Notepad, WordPad

 create different documents

 word editor

 MS Excel

 creating spreadsheets

 spreadsheet program


 making presentations, slides

 presentation program

 Some common questions and answers related to computer software

 Question – Where do I get computer software?

 Answer:- You can buy various software online and offline for your computer.  They are made available by the Applications Service Providers.

 To download software from the Internet, you have to visit the website of the software vendor.  Then on that website you get the software download link.  You can download the software through this link.

 If you want to buy software from any market, then the software is made available to you in the medium of CD / DVD etc.  Then the software is installed by playing this CD/DVD.

 How do we install software on the computer?

 Question – Can I download free software?

 Answer – To know the answer to this, you must first search for “internet se free software kaise download kare” by going to Google and searching this line.  Hundreds of websites will come in front of you.  From where you will be able to download free software.

 Question – I have heard that free software is dangerous, is it true?

 Answer – Have you ever thought that when software is available for free, why should we buy software?  Or why only use the pad version of the software?

 The answer will be security, features, support and quality.  You do not get all these things in free software.  And can also hand you over to hackers.

 Therefore, you should download free software only from trusted and secure places (software stores like Windows App Store).  Do not make the mistake of downloading free software from any internet website even by mistake.

 Question – What is a software license?

 Answer – The written document of software usage, terms of service and user agreement is called software license.  The terms of the agreement between the user and the software manufacturer are written in this license.  Only within these conditions can a user use a particular software.

 There are several types of software licenses:

 Free License – Under the free license, the entire software is made available to the users for free use.  No fee is charged for this license in any way.  Such software licenses are available for the personal use of the users.  Some also have exemption for commercial use.  Users are not able to access its code.

 Proprietary License – This is a license pad.  Meaning, you have to pay some fees for this.  This fee can also be one time and can also be recurring ie subscription based.  Under this license the complete software with full features is available to the users.  However, source code access is not allowed.

 Open Source – This license is public and provides free access to all.  Along with the software, access to the source code is also allowed.  That is, you can also change such programs according to your needs.

 Question – How to use any software?

 Step: #1 – Go to Start Menu

 Step: #2 – Find the software to use

 Step: #3 – Now open this software

 Step: #4 – After the software is opened, use it

 To use any software properly, it should be trained.  If training is not available, take help from the manual and help center that comes with the software.

 Question – How do you maintain the software?

 Answer – This question is very useful.  and is related to computer security.  So, read it carefully and try to understand.

 Maintenance of software can include source code, its functionality, new updates, protection from hackers, error fixing etc.

 To avoid these, you can take the following measures:

 Get software only from trusted sources

 Update as new updates come

 Install antivirus program on computer

 In case of any error notify the help center

 Use the software only according to the guidelines provided with the software

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