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By | September 3, 2021

 Friends, today I will tell you about some app, by using which you can make yourself professional, this app is going to make your work easier.  You can download all these apps for free from Google Play Store.  Do you know that there are more than 2.3 million apps on Google Play Store.  Every day a new app comes on the Play Store, which does not go unnoticed, today I will tell you about 5 such apps, using which you can make yourself smart.

 1.5 Coolest APP for student

 2 Loopsie

 3 Watomatic

 4Look Up

 5 Mutify

 6 Bluetooth audio device widget

 5 Coolest APP for student


 This app allows you to create a cinematic loop on your smartphone, also known as a living photo.  In this you can draw on the captured photo then control and edit the animation space in it.  The photo clicked in it looks like a 3D animation.  In this you can click HD photos.


 Watomatic is an app that makes your social media professional, with the help of which you can reply instantly on Facebook and WhatsApp.  You can download its app from play store.  After enabling this option, if someone messages you on social media, whether you are online or not, this app automatically replies to the sender of the message.

 Look Up

 Using Look Up, we can translate any language into our desired language, for this we do not need to paste capy on any word anywhere.  With the help of this app, you can translate any word in an easy way.  But you get English, Jarman, Italian, French so many languages ​​in its free version, to translate in more languages ​​you have to take its paid version.



 Friends, when you are enjoying your favorite song on Spotify, then you get very angry if ads come in the middle.  So with the help of Mutify, you can enjoy listening to songs without Ad.  This app only works with spotify.  Mutify doesn’t block ads on Spotify, but mutes them.  For this, you have to enable Broadcast option by going to Settings in Spotify.  Then you have to download the mutify app.  Then you have to open the Mutify app.  And enable it.  This will automatically mute the ad in the middle of the song and you can enjoy listening to the song.

 Bluetooth audio device widget

 This is a very amazing app, with the help of this you can connect 4-5 gadgets simultaneously with your phone.  For example, you can enjoy listening to songs by connecting smartwatch, earbuds, earphones, hometheater etc. together.  In this you will get to see different different icons of all the gadgets.  Remember that you can listen to the song on only one device with its help.  Rest of the devices will be connected to your mobile.

  Files Go by Google :

  If the problem of storage keeps coming in your phone again and again, then with the help of this application you can automatically delete duplicate photos, videos in your phone.  Google’s Ye Files Go is a file manager application.  By using this application, you can delete the same photo twice or thrice in your phone, and the size of this application is also very less and its interface is very simple and easy.

 Google Keep:

With the help of this application, you can make your own notes.  Along with the note in the Google Keep application, you can also fill the reminder of any important note.  You can also attach a photo of any note with the note.  You can pin any important note and keep it first.  Feture to save any note in the group is also given in this Google application.  You must definitely try this application.

mParivahan :

 With the help of this application you can know the name of the owner of any car or bike.  This application is the official application of Government of India.  In this application you can also find your nearest RTO office.  In this mParivahan application, you can get many information like driving license, registration process from your phone itself.


 With the help of Grambox application, you can create new type of post in Instagram.  With this application you can see any profile picture in full.  With this application you can post your Instagram post without cropping it.  You will get to see many more Feture in this application.

 Bacon Camera :

If you like to take photos and kitchen a lot, then this application will be great for you.  If your phone’s camera does not have some special pro mode, then you can take very good photos using this application.  With the help of this application, you can capture great photos in manual mode along with video recording.


You can buy Paid Application from Play Store by using this Google Key Application.  You can also buy storage from Google Drive using this application.  In this application, you will be given surveys, if you complete it, then in return you will be given points, which you can use to purchase applications from Google Play Store.

 Google Indic Keybord :

 If you want to write in your language on your phone, then you can type in your favorite language from this application.  This is a keyboard application.  Only the normal keyboard will open in your phone, but when you type, you will type in the same language as you have selected.

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