Top 5 best ANDROID game app in India 2021

By | June 28, 2021


world of Android phones has made children crazy about it nowadays.  Even small children learn to read and write later but learn to operate Android phones first.

 The biggest reason for this is the presence of games in Android phones.  There are more than one game in Android phones these days, which has captivated children as well as adults.

If you are also fond of games, then here we are going to tell you about the top 5 best and funniest Android games in this article.  Let’s take a look at this list.

 Bid Wars

 Bid War is a very famous game for Android smartphones.  Bid means bid and War means war.  Battle for bidding, there is something like this in this game.  In this game there is an auction and the player tries to get the biggest deal by placing the highest bid.  Doing this around the world gives you good points in the game.  This is a great game for anyone interested in bidding.

 Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter

 In this game, you use the best ninja skills and techniques for your character and fight against enemies.  The game is very easy to understand, while it has tons of turnovers and tactics.  The main task in this game is to run to stay alive and fight to win.  Kids who watch cartoons love to play it.

  Metal Wings

 Metal Wings game is very special for the one who is fond of fighting and joining the army.  In this game too, like an army soldier, you have to fight with enemies.  In this game, your character has a lot of abilities and machines with the help of which you have to move forward while fighting enemies.  This game is very much liked by the older kids as well as the youth.

Sniper Strike

 Sniper strike game is also a fighting game.  In this game you have many weapons and your enemies also have many weapons.  In this game, you have to use all your powers to kill enemies and go through the level.  This is a great fighting game.  In this game you need to have a precise mind to win.  Nowadays, Android users of the youth group like to play such fighter game which requires trick and strategy.  Sniper Strike is a perfect game for such people.  Let us tell you that this game has also been selected as the best Android game of 2018.

 Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

 Captain Subasa: Dream Team is also a very fun and exciting game.  In this game you can create a team of your favorite players according to your own preferences.  In this game you can also create your favorite and imaginary team.  After choosing your team and your players, you can play this game with any other users in the world.  This is a very good and great game.  If you use Android smartphone and are a fan of the game then Captain Subasa: Dream Team is a must-play for you.

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