Top 10 best ANDROIND and iOS GAME app in inadia 2021

By | July 13, 2021

Top 10 free Android game in 2021: Friends, in today’s time almost everyone likes to play their favorite game in their free time. Ever since the craze of pubg mobile game started engulfing the hearts and minds of the people, most of the mobile gaming craze has started expanding.

Today you will find many gaming applications on Google’s Play Store, which make your gaming experience better. Along with children, now older people are also slowly showing their interest in various types of games, in view of this, today the field of gaming is expanding a lot, new games are being launched every day.

If you are also fond of playing games, then today through this article we are going to tell you all the 10 best Android games? (Top 10 free Android game list in 2021), Which will improve your gaming experience. , are going to provide detailed information on this topic.

Which is the list of 10 best Android games? (top 10 mobile android games 2021

Top best Android game list 2021 for free: Friends, here we are going to tell all of you a list of 10 best games that are free, even we will give you a pubg alternative game list in Hindi like Android and Popular. The game’s alternative game is also going to be told. If you are also a fan of games like PUBG or other games, then definitely read our list completely.

Top free Android gaming list and pubg alternative game

Fau-g game :-

Friends, in this new list of our gaming, the name of the military game is at the top, the biggest reason for this is that this game is completely made in our country of India. Apart from this, this game has been provided with the same graphics as the PUBG game.

Just as the PUBG game lovers were interested in the PUBG game, in the same way people will get all the features in the military game, which they used to get in the PUBG game experience. The biggest feature of this game is that 20% of the revenue of this game will be used in the interest of Indian Army. Note :-   Fauji game is not yet launched on Google Play Store, Fauji The game is expected to launch around the end of October 2020 or by the middle of the year.

Call of duty :-

Call of Duty Android mobile game was launched in the month of October of the year 2019. Ever since the Call of Duty mobile game was launched, it was giving competition to the PUBG mobile game somewhere. You can get the experience of Same to Same Pubg Mobile in this game. But ever since Pubg Mobile was banned in India, the popularity of Call of Duty game is increasing day by day. So far more than 100 million people have downloaded this game from Google’s Play Store.

Garena free fire :-

We have included Garena free fire free android and iOS game in the list of Pub-g mobile game alternative list 2020. In this game 49 players take part at a time and the way the other team was defeated by making a team in the PUBG game, in the same way in this game also the team is made and landed on the battlefield. Although the popularity of this game was not that much of PUBG game, but since PUBG is banned in India, most of the people are preferring to play Garena Free Fire game only. You can download and play this game for free from Android and iOS platforms.

Candy crush saga :

This mobile game is not like pubg or any other battle royale game, but still most of the people in our country like to play this game. This game can be played easily in both offline and online platforms. If you play this game online, characters named tiffy and toffee help you play the game. There are thousands of levels in this game and in each level you get a better experience than the previous level.

Ludo king :-

Friends, people already play famous games like Ludo in our country, but in today’s time online Ludo game can also be played. You will find such Ludo games on Google’s play store, which give a chance to earn some money along with playing Ludo. There are many Ludo games available, but the most famous one is Ludo King Android game. In this game you can play ludo game online with different people. This game has a 4.4 star rating on Google Play Store.

West gunfighter :

If you are a fan of action and adventure games, then you must play West Gunfighter game once. Although it is based on the story of a Hollywood movie, but you are going to get a very good gaming experience payment in this game. Inside this game, you will see better quality features than one. In this game you get more than 100 labels and game weapons. In this you will get such features, which can hardly be found in any free game. The game has a 4.42 star rating on Google’s Play Store and has been installed by more than 50 million people on their phones.

World cricket championship 2 :-

As friends, nowadays the atmosphere of IPL is going on and almost everyone likes to play cricket game like IPL as well. If you are fond of cricket game, then you can play World Cricket Championship 2 game. In the field of cricket gaming, it comes with the best graphics and a lot of features. Most of the people who play cricket games like to play some game.

The game has a rating of 4.8 stars on Google Play Store and has been installed by more than 100 million people on their phones. You can download and play this game absolutely for free. In this game you will get to hear both Hindi English commentary, which provides a better gaming experience.

Asphalt 9 :-

If you are a fan of racing games, then you can play Asphalt 9 game. This is such a racing game that probably any other racing game can compete with this game. You can play this game easily from low graphic to high graphic device. In this game you get to choose from different types of cars and trucks. Although this game is played online, but its great gaming experience attracts everyone to play it. You can easily download this game from Google’s play store and enjoy it.

Temple run 2 :-

Friends, when Android gaming was started, then almost most Temple Run game was played. Even today people often play this temple run game. In this game you get to see very good action all adventure. You can easily play this game by installing it on Google Play Store.

Angry Bird 2 :-

Most of the kids like this game and the movie of this game has also arrived and almost everyone must have seen it. This game is also played the most and more than 100 million people have installed it on their phones from Google Play Store. You can also play this game offline and as the level of this game increases, so does the enjoyment of playing this game. If you have not played this game yet, then immediately go to Google Play Store Download it and play it.

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