How to use the latest VPN on Xiaomi MIUI with ease

By | May 14, 2021

How to use the latest VPN on Xiaomi MIUI with ease

How to Use a VPN in Xiaomi – VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is the generic name for the technology that allows one or more network connections to be attached to the top of another network. This is despite the fact that communication is carried out over a network with a lower level of trust or is not known (for example through a public network). The level of trust in the logical network that is built does not depend on the level of trust in the core network because of the use of cryptography (encryption, authentication, public key infrastructure, means of protection against repetition and changes sent via logical network messages). This time we will discuss how to use a VPN on Xiaomi with the default application on MIUI. But first let’s discuss what a VPN is.

What Can Be Done With a VPN?

  • The VPN replaces your real IP with a front-end. For example, in Italian or Dutch, if you use a VPN you are almost invisible on the network. You go to the site and see that you are, for example, not from Indonesia, but from the Netherlands. Because of this, you don’t need to be afraid of sites blocking you.
  • Encrypting the connection, the provider or system administrator at your place of work will not know where you are going.
  • With IP substitution and total traffic encryption, you are completely anonymous.

Does your favorite service restrict access from your country or provide privileges / bonuses / discounts to certain countries? With the help of a VPN you can become a resident of any country and get all the advantages of the service.

How to use a VPN on Xiaomi

MIUI ROM on Xiaomi we already have settings that are responsible for the connection VPN . But not everyone knows how to configure and how to use it.

The following is how to use a VPN on Xiaomi:

  1. Go to Settings > VP
  2. After seeing these settings, select Add VPN
  3. After selecting Add VPN , select the type of connection you want, for example a PPTP connection. Fill in the server address and username & password in the fields provided. When finished, select OK .

That’s how to use a VPN on Xiaomi in brief. If you are having trouble configuring a VPN on your Xiaomi cellphone , please mention it through the comments at the bottom of this page.

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