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Top 5 best insurance plan

Significant progress has been made in medical technology in the last few decades, with the help of which it has now become possible to treat many such diseases, which were not there before. With the advent of new technology continuously, the cost of treatment has also increased significantly. This expenditure is becoming a matter of… Read More »

What is software? How it’s work?

You cannot see the software with your own eyes.  Nor can it be touched by hand.  Because it has no physical existence.  It is a virtual object that can only be understood.  What is software?  If your computer does not have software, then your computer will be like a dead animal.  Which will remain only… Read More »

Top 5 best software in world

Software articles should describe a tool with broad utility that represents a significant advancement over previously published software (usually demonstrated by direct comparison with available related software). Software availability for reviewers and other researchersThe software applications/tools described in the manuscript should be available for review by reviewers in a way that maintains their anonymity. If… Read More »