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How to Use Microsoft Authenticator on Android

How to Use Microsoft Authenticator – Microsoft Authenticator is a security application for two-factor authentication. This Android application competes directly with Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass Authenticator, and several other applications. You can run the application while updating your Microsoft account settings or enable two-factor authentication there. Or you may just want to have TFA (Two-Factor Authentication) available for your own security purposes. This… Read More »

How to Make an HP Camera Like a DSLR on Android

How to Make a DSLR – Like HP Camera – Photographers think the best camera is the one you have with you. In most cases, this could just be the smartphone you own. While smartphone cameras don’t always produce incredibly good photographic experiences, advances in technology have put them at about the same level as many dedicated cameras. Having a quality… Read More »

How to Use Open Camera

How to Open Camera Settings – If you thought your smartphone’s built-in camera app could do a lot, you’d be surprised to find that Android lets you do more with Camera2API. Unfortunately, you have to download third-party applications to fully maximize the features your smartphone camera has. One of the most popular third-party camera apps for Android is Open… Read More »

How to use the latest VPN on Xiaomi MIUI with ease

How to use the latest VPN on Xiaomi MIUI with ease How to Use a VPN in Xiaomi – VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is the generic name for the technology that allows one or more network connections to be attached to the top of another network. This is despite the fact that communication is carried out over… Read More »

How to update Google Play Store

How to update Google Play Store services that can’t be opened How to Update Google Play Store Services – Google Play Store is an essential application for downloading thousands of applications available for Android. Previously known as Android Market, Google’s official app store now offers books, magazines, movies, music, etc. Unlike other apps that we can update whenever… Read More »